External hard drive can not be opened need to format, 3 ways solve the problem

2022-05-20 19:01 760

Summer: I believe that many partners have encountered the U disk or mobile hard drive suddenly can not open the situation, and just inside the storage of many important data files, the moment the heart of jumping off a building. Today, I will give a dry goods to Taiwan fans, explain how to repair th

[Fixed] SD Card asked prompted need format before use

2022-05-14 09:18 1447

SD Card is a common file storage device in our daily life and office, many users save or shoot important photos and video files, but sometimes when we are in a hurry to use the SD Card, the computer prompts to request formatting the SD Card, what is the reason for always prompting formatting? After

[Fixed ]USB flash drive need format before use, How recover data-[2022 update]?

2022-05-13 10:58 608

1 An introduction : When you open the USB flash drive, a pop-up message needs to be formatted. Solid-state USB hard drive Mechanical USB hard drive Built-in USB hard drive, USB drive, USB flash drive memory card (SD card Memory card recording pen) With the use of time, there will be a message that c