Dell laptop SD card reader not working, How to fix

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 dell computer SD card inserted into the computer card reader socket does not respond to the causes and solutions.

1, if it is a desktop computer, it is possible that the front of the USB port power supply is insufficient, you can change to the back of the socket to try. If it is a laptop computer can be replaced by a USB port to try.
2, computer hardware failure can also lead to this failure, can only be sent to the aftermarket repair.
3, the old computer USB 1.1 version of the 2.0 version of the card reader or U disk support is not good, you can buy, increase the plug-in USB 2.0 hardware.
4, computer recognition loading driver error, you can first uninstall the USB port driver, and then insert the card reader into the USB port to automatically find and install the driver.
5, the card reader is bad, you can only buy a new card reader.

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1:Reinstall the driver of the card reader, you can use the official Dell driver.
2: Check to check inside the chassis, see if the card reader line is connected to the motherboard.
3: Look at the device manager inside the disk drive list, there is no card reader device, no reinstallation of the driver.
4: In the disk drive list under the exclamation point, reinstall the card reader driver.
5: If it is a multi-type card reader, it is recommended to try with another type of sd card.

The DELL computer does not recognize the sd card, there are several possibilities.

1, sd card capacity is too large, the card reader is too old to recognize.
2, the sd card is bad.
3, sd card formatted to the system does not recognize the format. For example, apple computer, can not recognize ntfs or exfat file system, and windows, can not recognize linux and apple file system. Just re-format it as fat32.
4, the computer system is damaged or poisoned, the function is not normal. Reinstall the system can be normal

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