Fix SanDisk Cruzer USB drive you need format error why and data recovery

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What is the best way to repair a SanDisk Cruzer USB drive ask you need format, that is inserted into a computer and prompted to format, without destroying the data inside?
I know there is offline data recovery. But it is not easy to find. How can I fix it by myself.

The reason why the SanDisk USB drive ask formatting may be that we do not operate correctly, many friends are directly plugging the SanDisk USB drive, and did not use the "safe eject", which is likely to destroy the partition on the SanDisk USB drive, resulting in the SanDisk USB drive can not be accessed normally, or is the physical failure of the SanDisk USB drive itself.

SanDisk Cruzer USB drive ask you need format

A. Why does a SanDisk USB drive prompt formatting

At present, there are more reasons for the SanDisk USB drive to prompt formatting, here I have summarized the following points for you.

1, SanDisk USB drive damage

For example, the SanDisk USB drive fell, resulting in the SanDisk USB drive can not be used properly, or buy a cottage SanDisk USB drive, substandard quality, the SanDisk USB drive memory chip or the main control has been damaged, etc..

2, interface problems

Some computers have poor contact with the USB port, which will lead to the SanDisk USB drive and other external devices can not be used properly, this situation suggests replacing the device try;.

3, behind the driver

If the computer driver is damaged or too old, may also cause this problem, and the way to approach is simple, that is, update the driver.

4, partition damage

SanDisk USB drive from the computer before unplugging without clicking on the "safely remove hardware and eject media", that is, when using the direct dial, resulting in partition damage behind.

5, other problems

SanDisk Cruzer USB drive Repair method

SanDisk USB drive inserted into the computer prompted the need to format, you need to promptly stop reading and writing to the computer data disk, use the system comes with the repair function, or professional data recovery software to retrieve.

When you encounter this situation, do not panic, especially when the data in the SanDisk USB drive is more important.
First of all, to close the system pop-up window prompting formatting, this is because formatting can cause data loss and increase the difficulty of data recovery.


The specific methods are as follows: 

Method 1: System repair 

function for some damaged and corrupted USB data files, if you want to repair, you can also generally repair with the help of the repair function that comes with the system.

Specific steps are as follows.
The damaged "flash drive" into the computer, so that it can be recognized by the computer
1, if the computer prompts the need to format, do not click on the format, otherwise your data will be gone, recovery is also a problem.
2, this time you right-click the SanDisk USB drive - Properties, see if the SanDisk USB drive space is displayed as 0.
3, if it is, there is hope for recovery, not only to restore the SanDisk USB drive function can also ensure that the data is not lost.
4, first try to repair the SanDisk USB drive disk check error, the method is, click the SanDisk USB drive drive, the right mouse button to select Properties.
5、Then click on Tools and start checking.
6, then check the automatic repair file system errors, scan and try to recover bad sectors

Method 2. professional data recovery software

Then, use professional data recovery software to recover, professional data recovery software will scan the SanDisk USB drive in depth and accurately identify the recoverable data.

Method 3 manual recovery

you can also contact professional data recovery personnel for manual recovery, this recovery method to recover the best results

SanDisk Cruzer USB drive data recovery need format

As for the use of software to recover files, I have not tried much, because I have always believed that SanDisk Cruzer USB drive is an unreliable medium, the probability of damage is too great, so it has not been used as a backup medium.

You can follow the steps to recover files from the external drive

Step 1. Connect the SanDisk Cruzer USB drive

To recover data from external storage devices, you need to connect the device to your computer. My Data Recovery software will detect all external and internal hard drives/devices (such as SD cards). If the data is on your smartphone or digital camera, take it out and connect it to the computer with a card reader.

SanDisk Cruzer USB drive you need format error

Step 2. Scan SanDisk Cruzer USB drive

Under "Devices and Drives", you can easily find the SD card you just connected. Click the Scan button.  
Then, start the scanning process. The results of "deleted files" will be displayed soon.

SanDisk Cruzer USB drive you need format error

Step 3. recover data from SanDisk USB drive

After the scan is finished, you can use the filter function to view only the picture files in the scan result by selecting "Pictures". Select the desired photos and click the Recover button


SanDisk Cruzer USB drive you need format errorphoto video recovery


 1, Don't click format button 

If the data in the SanDisk USB drive is important, and the data is not backed up, then the correct liberation process should be: recover data from the SanDisk USB drive, and then repair the SanDisk USB drive problem.

 2, Do not chkdsk operation

Before the SanDisk USB drive data recovery, do not chkdsk operation on the SanDisk USB drive, because many times chkdsk will only over repair, seriously affect the data recovery effect.

 3,insert other USB

 A computer has more than one disk socket, a SanDisk USB drive interface does not work, it may be this USB port is broken. So you can try to insert other USB interfaces to see if the error disappears. If the error still exists, it means that there is a problem with the SanDisk USB drive.


 To sum up, when you encounter a SanDisk USB drive that won't open prompting a formatting problem, don't panic and don't format the drive.
Generally speaking, as long as there is no serious physical failure of the flash drive, the data in the flash drive can be partially or completely recovered. When the data of the SanDisk USB drive is successfully recovered, you can try to format the SanDisk USB drive to repair the damaged partition.

The above is the solution related to the USB flash drive prompt formatting, friends who need it can refer to and solve it, but usually still need to develop good habits of use, so as to increase the life of the device yo