Fix raw Seagate firecuda data recovery after chkdsk is not available

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How do I recover data from a Seagate firecuda hard drive?

Seagate firecuda hard drive data recovery methods

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Nowadays there are many kinds of hard disk brands, but no matter what brand of hard disk, data loss is inevitable, so how to recover lost data from Seagate firecuda hard disk? 

Seagate firecuda hard drive recovery

Before recovering the data we first look at what are the reasons for Seagate firecuda hard drive data loss, generally there are several reasons for the following, 

several reasons for the following 

1. in the use of Seagate firecuda hard drive in the process of power failure, computer reboot and other situations caused by data loss.

2. Seagate firecuda hard drive poisoning, mistakenly deleted files, mistaken formatting, mistaken partitioning and other causes of data loss.

3. Physical damage to Seagate firecuda hard drives caused by repeated reading and writing, severe vibrations, magnetic field effects, etc. can also cause data loss.

Seagate firecuda hard drive damaged repair


How to recover data from a bad Seagate firecuda hard drive?

Seagate firecuda hard drives can be recovered if they are properly identified by the software, but if the Seagate firecuda hard drive is physically damaged and cannot be properly identified by the software, it cannot be recovered with the help of the software and may need to be opened and processed.


bad Seagate firecuda hard drive

PS: Many partners may feel that software recovery is more convenient, but after several attempts to find no way to completely repair the software on the market, many are very pitiful, whether it is free or paid, usually we use software to recover, this software scan, that one software scan, as long as the improper operation will cause more serious damage to the data, eventually leading to permanent data It is impossible to recover the data.

If your data is more important, it is recommended that the best blind operation, you should find a professional, experienced data recovery team or company to help you do data recovery, save time and effort, data recovery there is a guarantee, the success rate is also higher!

As for hard disk damage that needs to be opened, it is definitely necessary to find a professional recovery company to deal with it, because hard disk opening needs to be handled in a dust-free environment.


How does Seagate firecuda hard drive recovery work

If you find that the files inside your hard drive have been deleted by mistake or can't be found, when it is determined that these files are important to you and it is necessary to recover them, you can use professional data recovery to recover the files from these hard drives.

Seagate firecuda hard drive recovery

General data recovery software is suitable for deletion, formatting, disk partitions becoming RAW, system crashes, partial virus infections, etc. It supports fast retrieval of lost data from desktop computers, laptops, removable hard drives, USB drives, SD/TF cards and other types of storage devices.

Detailed steps are shared below.

Step 1. Scan the specified hard disk

Launch My Hard Drive Data Recovery software after installation.

Find the hard disk partition under the Hard Disk list or External Devices list and left-click to select it.

Click on the Scan button.

Step 2. Preview the files found by the scan

Allow previewing of pictures, files, movies or audio. Also, in the upper right corner, under the "Search Files or Folders" window, you can select different viewing options.

Step 3. Select Files to Restore Now

Select the data you want to restore and click the Restore button at the bottom right corner. Do not save the restored data to the hard drive to avoid overwriting the original data and making recovery more difficult.


Seagate firecuda data recovery details

Price :$50 to $100
Size :
Platform Support :Array
OS :Windows 11 Pro
Interface :Fibre Channel
Connectivity Technology :Bluetooth
Compatible Devices :Camera
Size :
Cause : power off
Document file :Word documents: DOC/DOCX
Video file : MP4
Auido file :AAC
Picture and source file : ORF
Email file :DBX

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