how to recover data from unplugged external(XLS_XLSX recovery)

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Part I: Overview of the Context in which the Document was Recovered

Recovering data from an unplugged external drive, specifically XLS/XLSX files, refers to the process of retrieving lost or deleted Microsoft Excel documents from a disconnected or improperly ejected external storage device. This situation commonly arises when the user abruptly disconnects the external drive without safely removing it from the system, leading to potential data corruption or loss.

Example 1: John was working on an important financial spreadsheet using his external hard drive. Accidentally, he unplugged the drive while it was still in use, resulting in the loss of the XLSX file he had been working on for hours.

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Example 2: Mary had saved multiple XLS files on her USB drive. While transferring some files to her computer, she mistakenly removed the USB drive without safely ejecting it. Consequently, the XLS files vanished from the drive, leaving her stranded without her crucial data.

Part II: Causes of Data Loss

1. Improper ejection: Disconnecting an external drive without properly ejecting it can cause data corruption or loss. This action interrupts the ongoing read or write processes, leading to file system errors and data inaccessibility.

2. File system corruption: The file system of the external drive can get corrupted due to various reasons such as sudden power outages or physical damage. This corruption can result in the loss of XLS/XLSX files stored on the drive.

3. Accidental deletion: Human error is another common cause of data loss. Users may unintentionally delete XLS/XLSX files from the external drive, thinking they are no longer needed.

Part III: Steps and Examples of Data Recovery

1. Stop using the drive: As soon as data loss is encountered, it is crucial to stop using the external drive to prevent further overwriting of the lost files. Continued use can make the recovery process more difficult.

2. Use data recovery software: There are several specialized data recovery tools available, such as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, MiniTool Power Data Recovery, and Recuva. These tools can scan the external drive for the lost XLS/XLSX files and restore them.

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Example 1: John downloaded a data recovery software called EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. He installed it on his computer and connected the unplugged external drive. Following the software's instructions, he initiated a full scan of the drive, successfully recovering his lost XLSX file within a few minutes.

Example 2: Mary opted for MiniTool Power Data Recovery to retrieve her lost XLS files. After installing the software and connecting the USB drive, she chose the "Quick Scan" option to search for deleted files. The software displayed a list of recoverable XLS files, from which she selected the ones she needed.

Part IV: Types of Other Files that can be Recovered

Apart from XLS/XLSX files, data recovery software can retrieve various other file types, including but not limited to:

1. Documents: Word documents (DOC/DOCX), PDFs, text files (TXT), presentations (PPT/PPTX), etc.

2. Multimedia files: Photos (JPEG, PNG), videos (MP4, AVI), audio files (MP3, WAV), etc.

3. Archives: ZIP files, RAR files, 7z files, etc.

Example: Sarah accidentally deleted a folder containing her family vacation photos from her external drive. Using data recovery software, she managed to recover all the deleted JPEG images, ensuring that her precious memories were not lost forever.

Part V: Related FAQ

Q1. Can data be recovered from a physically damaged external drive? A1. Yes, data recovery companies offer services to recover data from physically damaged drives, including those with a faulty circuit board or a malfunctioning read/write head.

Q2. What if the recovered XLS/XLSX files are corrupted after the recovery process? A2. If the recovered files are corrupted, you can try using Excel's built-in repair tools to fix them. In Excel, go to "File" -> "Open" -> select the corrupted file -> click on the arrow beside the "Open" button -> choose "Open and Repair."

Q3. Is it possible to recover overwritten XLS/XLSX files? A3. Overwritten files are challenging to recover. Once a file is overwritten, the original data is typically lost. Therefore, it is crucial to immediately stop using the drive when data loss occurs to increase the chances of successful recovery.