Repair SanDisk SD card Raw drive and recover lost photo videos

2022-05-23 19:33 718

There are all kinds of troubles in life, the following will teach you SanDisk SD card was raw format how to do, I hope your life is colorful!

SanDisk SD card raw drive recovery

SanDisk SD card is raw format Case

Disk management inside the display RAW format, can identify the size of the SanDisk SD card! 
Previously tried to some software to save it, the results of the software did not download, but a bunch of rogue software, viruses and so on and so forth, the computer are messed up, so here to ask King friends, there is no success in saving, I came to toss under! 

See if you can do something to have a sense of accomplishment! 
As shown, as long as a card reader plugged into the computer, the pop-up interface prompts to format, however, formatting behind all prompted failure! 
Used other computers are the same, tried to change its Win 7 10 11 system, is also the same result! I've tried switching to smartphones, cottage phones, and old people's phones, and I can't format them!

Is it completely hopeless?I also have an SD card, bad even more inexplicable, that it is broken? It is not broken like! It is stored inside the file, all can read, can also be used, completely normal, but the file inside has been "petrified"! Write files inside, you can access, delete things inside, format, all can, all normal operation! 
But the strange thing is, as long as a dial off, re-inserted, that the file inside, double automatically back, formatting is useless, write in the file, also useless, unless always inserted in the above do not dial, it is possible to operate!

That is to say, the file inside, it will always stay in that way, the things inside, any way to operate can be dialed down and inserted, and back to the original, the magic of the SD card

SanDisk SD card raw partition repair

Tools / Ingredients 
Method / Step 

Open My Computer, 

select Tools menu, then select Folder Options, click View tab, remove the check mark before "Use simple file sharing (recommended)".

Go to "Control Panel", 

find "Administrative Tools", open it, open "Local Security Policy", open "Local Policy" and open "Security Options". Security Options" open, in the right window, find "Network Access: Sharing and Security Mode for Local Accounts" after the "Guest Only" to "Classic ".

Exit back to My Computer, 

right-click on the D drive to find the "Security" tab, delete the other accounts, and then add the users of this computer.

Method 2 Unplug the hard drive

 hook it up to another computer or use WINDOWS PE and other CD-ROM versions of the system to boot up and then reboot normally.

Right click on the RAW format disk drive

elect "Properties", then "Security", delete the useless users, add your own user name, and then change the permissions. If there is no security option, you can remove it from the folder options (open "My Computer" - select "Tools" menu - then "Folder "option), remove the check mark before "Use simple file sharing", you can right-click on the NTFS formatted disk and the security options will be displayed in the properties menu.

SanDisk SD card raw partition data recovery


As for the use of software to recover files, I have not tried much, because I have always believed that mobile hard disk is an unreliable medium, the probability of damage is too great, so it has not been used as a backup medium.

You can follow the steps to recover files from the external drive

Step 1. Connect the SanDisk SD card

To recover data from external storage devices, you need to connect the device to your computer. My Data Recovery software will detect all external and internal hard drives/devices (such as SD cards). If the data is on your smartphone or digital camera, take it out and connect it to the computer with a card reader.

SanDisk SD card raw partition recovery

Step 2. Scan SanDisk SD card lost file 

Under "Devices and Drives", you can easily find the SD card you just connected. Click the Scan button.  
Then, start the scanning process. The results of "deleted files" will be displayed soon.

SanDisk SD card raw file recovery

Step 3. recover video from SanDisk SD card

After the scan is finished, you can use the filter function to view only the picture files in the scan result by selecting "Pictures". Select the desired photos and click the Recover button

SanDisk SD card raw photo video recovery